Andrew Lloyd Webber – Why Does She Love Me Lyrics

One more.

Oh, buddy, don’t you think you’ve had enough? It’s practically morning

One more, I said!

All, right, all right. My shift is over anyway, so let’s settle the bill,
Ok? Jeez, you’re in a bad way aren’t you? Worse than most that end up here.
Here’s the morning shift – maybe he’ll know what to do with you.

Yes, what to do with me. That’s the question, isn’t it? That’s always been
The question. Ever since the beginning…

She looks for sympathy
I give her sorrow
She asks for honesty
I’ve none to borrow

She needs my tender kiss
She begs it of me
I give her ugliness
Why does she love me?

She yearns for higher things
Things I can’t give her
The rush that music brings
I can’t deliver

And even when she sings
And soars above me
I try to clip her wings
Why does she love me?

One more drink, sir. That’s what I need don’t you think, sir? Leave the
Hurt behind.

Do you hear me? Another drink!

She wants the man I was
Husband and father
At least she thinks does
She needn’t bother

Beneath this mask I wear
There’s nothing of me
Just horror, shame, despair
Why does she love me?

How ’bout you, sir? Tell me what am I to do, sir? Leave the hurt behind.

Morning, Bernie, coffee please! Hurry up before I freeze. I’ll just take it
Black. Mother said I’d find you here.

Miss Giry…

Do you know where you are?

Hell, I imagine

Around here they call it suicide hall. It’s where people end up when they
Don’t know where else to go. The hopeless, the desperate. Good place to
Step off the side of the pier and quietly vanish.

You seem to be a regular.

Me? I come here to swim

This town is coarse and cold and mean
It’s hard to keep your conscience clean
Faceless in the crowd
Anything’s allowed

And so I come at dawn each day
Come to wash it all away
Sink into the sea
Blue and cool and kind
Let it set me free
Let the past unwind
Leave the hurt behind

You should never have come to America. It’s not a place for people like you
And Christine. It’s too easy to forget who you are and where you belong.
That’s why Mother says you must leave here. Now. Take your wife and the boy
And go.

Leave? What about tonight? The concert, the money? Am I to just run away
From him?

When the sun rises tomorrow we can all start again. Clean.

Sail across the sea
Put us out of mind
Close your eyes and flee
Let yourself stay blind
Leave this place behind…

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